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Allie's Story

"I started with Convertros in the beginning of March of 2023 and before here I worked with Community Action helping people with their utilities. I enjoy working with people that I can have casual conversations with and I am loving being able to work from home now as it has not just been saving money on gas and childcare but I can still be at work and not feel burnt out to take care of my home once I'm off work. Since I'm still fairly new I haven't had too many funny calls but I have had such a sweet woman one time it made me feel so good to be able to get her booked for her flooring because she was just so nice and it makes me feel good interacting with people and helping them in any way I can. I can't say too much as I'm still going through seeing a view but I am happy here and loving every day of it being so different."

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Genna's Story

"My name is Genna and I have been with Convertros for a little over a month now. March of 2023. Before Joining the Convertros team,  I sold Insurance for State Farm.  When I am not at work,  I enjoy spending time with my family and being in the great outdoors!  Something I dislike??  Probably repetitive noises.  I sometimes get embarrassed when I can’t pronounce a customer’s name and I completely butcher it, however most of the time the customer and I laugh it off and keep moving forward but it can be a bit awkward.  I’m thrilled to have such a good team to work with here at Convertros.  It has been a very pleasant experience so far."

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Christopher's Story

"Convertros is the type of place you want to work at because of the people you get to work with. The ability to be yourself, while learning about yourself, and having the flexibility to work in an environment where you choose, in order to thrive best, helps grow the want for more growth. The drive for both personal and professional success is beautiful while inspiring other people to continue to push for excellence. Become a multitasking master! If you aren't already, you will be! But seriously, if you are a go-getter, comfortable talking with anyone, diligent to be kind, always. And, are able to function with cross platforms on multiple screens, you will crush this role! It isn't difficult, but does take practice. Always be learning, always look for ways to improve."

Ashley's Story

"I first started with Convertros in September of 2018! I was working for a pool management company prior, as an Assistant Account Manager. I worked for that company for almost 3 years and decided I wanted to work up and become an Account Manager for a different company. I started working for Convertro’s on the FCI side and then quickly moved to the home inspection side which then quickly moved to handling my own accounts. I have been here for almost 5 years!! I love how Team oriented our company is- if one person wins, we all win. We have such a great culture here and as cliché as it is, everyone is like family here. Just because we are a 100% virtual company does not make it harder for co-workers to be close. We ALL are so close and for that, I am so grateful! Having co-workers that are friends, located all around the country is pretty cool!


I’ve had so many interactions with many different people on the phone being able to work for this company, but one that has really been cool is answering a call for a potential customer located here in the area of Georgia and it was for a commercial property, well, that commercial property was a brewery!! Funny enough, I am a beer enthusiast and travel all around trying beer! This customer and I spoke about that and how cool I thought it was of him opening this up. One thing led to another and he told me to come up whenever to his brewery and to mention who I am so I can get a discount!! This weekend, I am actually headed up that way and will be going to try it out! It’s really cool to get to be able to talk to some many different people and cultivate relationships here at ICC. I truly wouldn’t want to work for another company."

Sam's Story

"I started working at Convertros March 19th of 2020! A very crazy start since it was also the start of the pandemic. I started one day, and the office was full of people and then the very next day it was just Stirling and I for the next few months. I have had such an incredible time helping this company move and change as much as it has these past 3 years. I have done a little bit of everything, and I love being able to help in different aspects of this company. I have answered for home inspectors, I have spoken with home inspectors to get them interested in our services. I have done some general HR tasks. I have done some general office manager tasks. I have created the schedule for the home inspection team, and now I am back to recruiting and helping build brand recognition. I also absolutely adore the people I get to work with. They all care so much about everyone around them in any way they can. Even though we are all remote I have never felt closer with co-workers or owners. Of course, there are difficult parts as with every job but the good most definitely outweighs the bad and everyone is always happy to help through the bad."

Sami's Story

"I started with Convertros when I needed to help supplement income for my family. I wasn’t looking for a career, but I found one. I had no idea what I wanted to do next, after some difficult job situations….once I settled in and realized this place was different- I buckled up and positioned myself for my career. Gonna have to deal with me now, Convertros. 


Funniest call: person calls in asks who we are, I told them. They hung up and called right back and asked who we are and what we did, I told them...they then asked me if they could get their cat groomed."

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