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We believe that everyone deserves to know how they are compensated and what they can do to advance. As a sales organization, our transparent and meritocratic systems allow rewards to be shared.

Our Company gets paid every time we convince someone to take an appointment with one of our clients. We get paid slightly differently depending on the nature and value of the appointment. The more appointments we book each week, the more we get paid. However if we miss an opportunity, we do not get paid. 

What our clients are responsible for

Our clients are responsible for generating the demand. Their job is to get the phones to ring and the emails to come in. Their investment in marketing, partnerships and brand building create the initial inquiries. Our job is to convert all of those inquiries into clients.

Weekly Commission Pay

Regardless of seniority, all staff at Convertros participate in the success of our clients and the company through a transparent commission structure based on level of responsibility. Commission is calculated and paid on a weekly basis.

How our company gets paid

Business Development Associate

Target Commission:

$16+ per Hour

Account Development Manager

Target Commission:

$18+ per Hour

Client Development Manager

Target Commission:

$20+ per Hour

Operations Manager

Target Commission:

$25+ per Hour

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